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Feeding people in need is the mission of the Yulee United Methodist Church (YUMC) Food Pantry. Every week our team gathers, sorts, packages, and provides free food to hungry people in Eastern Nassau County Florida. 

Guided by prayer, our team is made up of folks who go out and collect food from local stores, the Feeding Northeast Florida Food distribution center and from Barnabas Ministries. The food is brought back to YUMC where it is stored, bagged and presented for families on Wednesday mornings. 

Each Wednesday, from 10 am to noon, our guests are welcomed and given the opportunity to select dairy products, vegetables, fruit, meat, bread, pastries and choose from an assortment of other food items and personal products that may be available on our tables. 

This mission takes many dedicated people each week to make Wednesday a morning of feeding needy and hungry families in Nassau County. 

Our ministry is funded by member of Yulee United Methodist Church and St. Francis of Assisi Mission, and other local people who care.  We spend approximately $15,000 a year to feed these hungry people. 

Quote from a guest:   (See with pictures above)

“My family has had and is going through some tough times. I was told about the Methodist Church in Yulee, Florida and went to see. They showed me true friendship. They have been a true blessing and have made my belief in the Creator stronger since meeting them. A real Christian group. Thank you friends!

George, Ginger and Chris.

To be a servant, come on Wednesday’s at 9:15 am and help with set up and the distribution of food to hungry families. Bring your smiling face and servant attitude and God will change your life! 


To be served, you must be a resident of Nassau County, Florida. Bring your identification, or other proof of residency, and we will sign you up to receive food when you need it. Those served can come to the Yulee United Methodist Food Pantry every other week.

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 If you would like to know more about serving or giving support to this ministry call Pastor Charlie Sward at 904-271-1929. Or click on the icon below and send us a message!